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Mix & Match; this spring mix-up your earrings

Maria Pascual Portada Blog Mix & Match

Happy Thursday, how’s your week going? We have been here with lots of work and are happy to see you at Maria Pascual showroom.

If you missed last week’s post, I’ll remind you that throughout the month of March, if you come to the showroom to buy jewelry, you will get a Maria Pascual bracelet as a gift. It is valued at more than €20. *

We are in Barcelona :) Do not miss this unique opportunity.

Combine, mix and alternate your earrings Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 1

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but spring and summer seem like two ideal seasons to look outstanding. It is an especially great time to be wearing earrings because they feel so good and match so perfectly with everything.

Maria Pascual has been creating individual earrings so that you can use and combine them as you wish. Have fun mixing, and remember that diversity brings authenticity.

The 3 newcomers 

Here I present to you these 3 individual gold-plated earrings for you to make your unique and special combinations. Remember that you can remove the pendant and just use the hoop by itself. This means you have two earring styles in one :) Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 3

Coin Earring; A small but sturdy hoop from which a coin hangs. It is a perfect earring for any look because you can get a sophisticated touch or an urban style while wearing it.

Twist Love Earring; From this gold-plated ring hangs a braided heart that holds the word LOVE. This piece is perfect for the days when you feel sweet and you feel like presenting your most feminine side.

Rocket Earring; This piece is fun for hipsters. This hoop holds a colorful rocket and has many styles. It is daring and combines very well with the previous two. This will become your real must-have! Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 2

Forget buying pairs of equal earrings, get several individual models and dare to create a design of your own.

Thank you! 

Before saying goodbye, we have to thank you for your involvement in the solidarity project.

The first solidarity bracelet against gender violence has had incredible results. More than 150 bracelets have already been sold and the benefits will go to the Ana Bella Foundation. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for each of your contributions.Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 4

If you want to get yours and contribute you can add it to your cart here.

The next cause and its corresponding solidarity bracelet will be against cancer. This piece is a mustard-tone thread bracelet that you can buy starting April 7.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

* purchases over (€50) € / while supplies last

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We are heading to San Francisco!

Happy Thursday; Jewels Maria Pascual has traveled miles and miles from Barcelona to the city of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. It’s safe to say, we are extremely proud and honored to tell you about the launch of Maria Pascual in the beautiful city of San Francisco, USA. 

Working towards our objectives of 2020   

As mentioned a few months ago, one of our main projects and our key objectives of 2020 was the international expansion of our brand, Maria Pascual. 

This year we have set off to a good start, proudly making ourselves known in the beautiful city of San Francisco. You can imagine just how excited we are to build our brand presence in the USA. This store opening was something we planned a while ago and after a series of important meetings and conversations, the decision was made to open our store here. 

Maria Pascual is in the building! 

Since 1st March 2020, you can find the Maria Pascual jewelry located at 120 Maiden Ln, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States. Although we thought this goal would be hard to reach, we made it with great determination and motivation. 

It has been an absolute pleasure for Maria Pascual to open their first shop in the United States. We have made a selection of jewelry that fits in with the culture and style of San Francisco, and they are already available in store for you to enjoy.  

Do you have your Solidarity Bracelet against gender violence? 

As we told you last week, Maria Pascual just launched a super project. One born of a personal need; to help others. 

On March 2, we launched the very first Solidarity Bracelet for the Ana Bella Foundation. This is something that has affected us all directly, a cause that is close to us all. We decided that all profits will go to the Ana Bella Foundation. We want to live in a world where no woman will have to suffer from abuse again and as a victim of abuse, Ana Bella, dedicates her time to guiding, empowering and empowering women at her foundation.

When we started this project, we were clear that choosing the organizations and associations to which the money was allocated was significant. We always knew that we wanted total transparency, and we are pleased to donate all proceeds to this association.  

Do not miss it. Let’s fight! 

Thanks for joining us, see you next Thursday :)

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#MPFights discover our Solidarity Bracelets.

#MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

Happy Thursday

Even though we have been releasing information about highly desirable items and promotions, today with have another topic to bring to you. This time we are not announcing a launch or the promotion of items that have been asked for, rather we are reporting on something that goes beyond our jewelry items; the Solidarity Bracelets by Maria Pascual.

A Personal Project #MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

We are excited to share this project that we are launching with the mission of helping others. Not only were we wanted, but we are needed to help. Today we live in a world where despite having many wonderful things, there is also a dark side that needs aid. 

Both Maria Pascual and Carla have felt and decided that it was the ideal time to make a difference and help to collaborate in these types of causes.

Where to help financially?

Financial help is very necessary, but often, the question is whom to trust? We also had that doubt and after thinking about it and investigating, we decided to launch the Maria Pascual Solidarity Bracelets.

These delicate bracelets have beautiful thread, and they resemble those we used to wear in childhood, which you can combine perfectly with any piece of jewelry. In addition, they have the Maria Pascual logo bathed in gold.

We have thought very hard on which associations to donate all the money raised, and we will disclose this information with you so that you are aware of where your money will be distributed. 

4 Solidarity Bracelets for 4 causes#MPFights Maria Pascual and Solidarity Bracelets.

There are so many causes to which money can be contributed, but we have chosen 4 with hopes that you and I can add some light to this world. 

While brainstorming what causes we would be donating to, we thought about what issues are the most relevant today. We wanted to pick things that touch each one of us. We believe that when you see the causes we have chosen, you can relate to at least one of them.  

  • Solidarity Bracelet against cancer; mustard color.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against animal abuse; the color beige.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against plastic; the color blue.
  • Solidarity Bracelet against gender violence; the color pink.

All benefits will go to the associations 


It is important to know that all benefits will go to associations listed above. Each bracelet will be linked to an NGO so you will know who you are donating your money to. We believe in these issues that transparency is essential.

Each bracelet will cost €10 and all the money raised will go to these causes.

We thought this beautiful bracelet project was an excellent way to take advantage of our platform and the visibility that Maria Pascual has.

As Eduardo Galeano says; “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”

We are looking forward to the release and telling you more about them.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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Latest jewelry units with incredible discounts.

Latest jewelry units with incredible discounts.

Happy Thursday, today I pass through here with NEWS that during the next few days, the 25, 26 and 27 of February, you will find some discounts on the web.

You can get all kinds of jewelry with incredible sales: rings, bracelets and earrings.

I let you know in advance so you can get ready and make your wish list of Maria Pascual items for you and to give as a gift

It is clear that you do not need any excuse to give a gift or treat yourself a Maria Pascual item but if you need it, take advantage of the early arrival of spring to incorporate a new piece into your jewelry box.

What will I find?

An incredible selection of Maria Pascual jewelry items,  some classic and some desired. When the last pieces are sold out, those items will not be replaced or created again.

We have to say goodbye to some jewels.

You will find them all in the Last Chance sale on February 25, 26 and 27.

The link of the web section where you can find these items so that you have it at hand is here.

Maria Pascual jewelry at €20 and €30

Yes, they are at incredible prices. You will see many items but I will share some items in advance for you. 

The Maria Pascual Horoscopes

One of the emblematic jewelry collections is our horoscopes and when they are sold out you will not be able to do them again. You can choose between the necklace, the ring or combine them together. It is also a perfect gift, you carry your sign and the person you love can carry theirs. This jewel, especially the seal style ring is the favorite of many of the men who buy Maria Pascual jewelry.

A fine bracelet

I think there is no better description for the Glacy Bracelet. This piece is a success to give as a gift, do you know why? Because it will leavLatest jewelry units with incredible discounts.e you well in any situation. Combine with any look and any garment and you can also wear it alone or with other bracelets.

Chain with medal

I can’t think of a better way than to welcome spring than with the Rainbow Pendant Necklace. It is embedded with multicolored zircons and full of energy. It is beautiful and full of vitality. The chain is adjustable so you can choose whether to wear it shorter or longer.

Versatile earrings

The Little Drop Earrings are one of those perfect earrings to wear both in the main hole and in the cartilage. It is fine, combined with any other earring, and you can choose it in several colors. It also has the option pendant with small ring. Certainly, a classic for all ages and is perfect as gifts.

Latest jewelry units with incredible discounts.


I just learned that one of my favorites will also be with an incredible discount, the Blossom Piercing earring. This earring has a flower design filled with white zircons rests in the cartilage area. It is perfect to combine with any other earring or to wear it alone.

A ring to shine

Gold, zircons and stars, a perfect combination that you find in a 3-Star Ring. This fine and delicate ring can be in your jewelry box in a few days for just €25. It is beautiful. Do remember if you choose the wrong size you can change it without any additional cost.

Take advantage that there are still a few days left to start these incredible discounts and prepare your wish list well.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday 

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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 


Happy PRE-Valentine’s Day 

Are you ready to give yourself a special day? I already anticipated that around here we are not that big on Valentine’s Day, but we do believe it’s important to set aside some dates throughout the year to give yourself a little love. 

Every day is a perfect time to treat yourself a little, but since a holiday for love already exists, we will take advantage of it.

What is your perfect gift? It may be a piece of jewelry, some extra relaxing time for you, or even buying yourself a sugar loaded dessert that makes you smile. Only you know what your favorite small gifts may be, and today you should take advantage and treat yourself. 

A perfect Valentine’s Day

As you can see, each one of us has a different and unique idea of ​​what a “perfect plan” is, but we are going to give you some ideas so that you can turn your normal day into perfect one. 

Take care of yourself in the morning

If you are not the type who loves sleeping too much, try to get up a little earlier today. That will allow you to give yourself a few more minutes to take a warm shower and enjoy the moment. Don’t think of anything other than enjoying that little great pleasure. If you like creams, pamper yourself. Put on cream, oil, serum or makeup. Whatever makes you feel good? If you are more of the type that just loves to wash your face to get ready then that’s perfect too. Ah! Today use clean and dry towels that can also add a small pleasure.

Choose your look 

Considering that it is a “working day” for your job, university, or class, still choose you look well. Whether you have very comfortable jeans, or that wide sweater so old but stylish that you love, choose whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 

Open your Maria Pascual jewelry box and choose what you really want to wear. The protocol is not essential, nor what plans you have going today. Take a look and take that piece that you like so much. Maybe it’s the Areta Ring or the bracelet Lilac Stones

Then have breakfast and pick whatever you want most; a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, a sandwich, an avocado or a pastry toast, you choose, just for you.

Other great pleasures

Give yourself time and give yourself the power to decide what you are going to do with it. What you really want. When you finish your work or study day, feel free to invest your time in whatever you want. Time vanishes so fast, leave some exclusively just for you.

Maybe …

√ Do a class that you’ve always wanted to try to never did like Pilates, yoga or kickboxing.

√ Give yourself something like a Maria Pascual jewelry piece, you know the one that makes your eyes light up when you see it but you never let yourself buy it because there are other things that you “need.” Do it, you will see the pleasure that it brings to your life. One of my favorites, is the Eternity Bracelet.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 

√ Give yourself time and experiences, whether its walking on the beach, lighting a candle and sitting on the couch and catching up on a good book, writing, or watching a movie with a huge bowl of popcorn.

√ Distribute love. If something is true, it is that when we share love, it multiplies. If you feel like it, share some time with someone you love. With whomever you fancy. It can be a friend, a relative, your partner, your children, your dog, your cat…

Anyway you spend tomorrow, we sincerely wish you a wonderful day in exactly your way and not that of others. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Free shipping worldwide!

Take advantage and get the new Maria Pascual pieces

Happy Thursday! I’m not fond of using exclamation marks in the titles but this occasion deserves it. Have you read the title well? When I talked to Carla, and she told me that we were going to have 3 days of free shipping I didn’t believe it. And just in time for the month of love, February. A short but intense month, the month that pushes us forward in 2020. What better excuse do you need now to give yourself a gift? 

No minimum order for worldwide shipping

But wait, there is more. You don’t need to place a minimum order to enjoy free shipping. Whether you choose a single item or if you take the opportunity to purchase several items, shipping will be free. Maria Pascual has wanted to have this special deal with everyone because on many occasions, the people on the other side of the pond get left out on free shipping deals. But on these special days, whether you buy from Spain, or from Mexico, you will have your shipping completely free. 

When? For Valentine’s Day?

Well, it will be on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February. Write these dates down in your agenda. Start preparing your cart or writing down your favorite items.

Yes, you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day to give a wonderful gift. It’s not that we don’t love Valentine’s Day, the day of showing your love for someone else, but why not take this opportunity to love yourself as it is just as important. How long have you not given yourself something? Be honest. And I’m not talking about something you need, I’m talking about a gift. A mini luxury for you, for your senses. If you had to stop to think to find in your memory that moment …that’s bad, terrible. So go, do yourself the favor and pamper yourself.

Take advantage and if you are going to give these days to your partner, friend, family member or anyone you love, do not forget about yourself. And now I want to present you some beautiful items that have just arrived that are elegant, fine and spectacular all in equal parts. Take advantage of free shipping and get them.

Murano glass, intense color and fine gold

Doesn’t the combination sounds good? Well, they are the elements that make up this collection of pieces that we have just launched in Maria Pascual. As you know, it is always a challenge to launch any new line, but when we do it with new materials, the challenge is multiplied. This time, we surpassed ourselves and left the comfort zone with Murano glass. It is the best known crystal in the world, it is also called Venetian crystal. In the photos you can appreciate the strength, intensity and energy that these jewels have.

You can get the necklace and the earrings. In addition, the earrings are designed by combining a gold ring from which the Murano glass hangs. You can remove the Murano glass and use the ring alone. Two earrings in one!

You can choose it in color: Black, turquoise, purple and blue.

I say goodbye another week but first I want to remind you: Free shipping worldwide on February 10th, 11th and 12th. Do not miss this great opportunity to give yourself or gift an item. 

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday