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Maria Pascual jewelry for men

Maria Pascual Blog Portada

Style guideMaria Pascual jewelry for men

Happy Thursday, I spend another week here and this time it’s to dedicate a small space and tribute to our male clients. As few as they may be

There are many who daily find that the perfect complement to their outfit is a piece by Maria Pascual, to wear to school, to work, or for any special occasion. 

I want to point out that our pieces are very versatile and are all perfect for both men and women. Choosing a piece completely depends on your style.

But I have made a selection with the most popular items to give you some tips and combination tips. Maybe from these tips you will see an item that you love and you don’t have yet. Let’s get to it!

The perfect necklace

Undoubtedly, the Vendimia Necklace is a favorite. It is a perfect combination between femininity and masculinity since it is a fine but robust chain. It is perfect to wear alone or combine with other necklaces.

Other Maria Pascual necklaces that are very successful among men are: the necklaces of the Horoscope Signs, the Palm Tree necklace, and the Rose necklace.

Seal rings

If there is a ring style that men who choose Maria Pascual usually like, it’s the seal rings. Two of the most requested are the Delta ring and the Clover ring. Both have a strong but fine elegant design. They are ideal to be the main ring on the hand so you can combine them with other finer rings.

Maria Pascual jewelry for men

Remember, you can put these rings on any finger according to your preference, and each will project one style image or another.

Other successful Maria Pascual items among men are the Horoscope Sign rings and the Santa Teresa ring.

Men and thin bracelets

Bracelets are a jewelry detail that more and more men are using. They are also perfect as gifts. There are several favorites, but among them we highlight:

The Small Flat bangle is a fine and elegant but strong bracelet that denotes security. It is a totally flat bracelet and has a minimal and uniform design. 

This piece is great in any situation, for special moments and for your day to day. Although you can combine it with other bracelets it will not be necessary. Wear it as a single piece or combined with a ring and it will give you a very sophisticated touch.

The Chain bracelet is a fine link bracelet and is beautiful and elegant. Paired together with the Small Flat bangle, makes for the perfect gift.

Classic and risky earrings

Many of the earrings are worn by men and women, and we wanted to highlight the most favorite items. 

Cross earrings: This is one of the most iconic models by Maria Pascual. They are small hoops with a cross pendant. It is one of the most sold Maria Pascual earrings. 

Round earrings: The hoops are a classic for everyone. In the Maria Pascual shop, you will find them in all sizes.Maria Pascual jewelry for men

Snake earrings:  Undoubtedly one of the riskiest pieces to choose from. The earring is created with a snake silhouette. It is a choice with a lot of style and personality.

The Maria Pascual watch

And our watch is THE WATCH, well, in capital letters. It has been created, designed and made thinking of both men and women making it is ideal for any gender. Its exclusive and unprecedented design makes this watch a jewel. You can read more about it in this post

I hope you liked the selection I have outlined for you today and if any of the pieces is missing in your collection, go for it! Or if you prefer, buy it as a gift. Valentine’s Day is coming ……

I say goodbye another week and as always,

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday ☺ 

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Circle Necklace, much more than just a necklace

How to choose the color of my Circle Necklace?

Discover how to be your best version thanks to colorimetry

Happy Thursday! Surely if you have been browsing the web these days you’ve seen these special necklaces, the circle necklaces. 

These precious pieces come full of energy to create days of vitality. Do you know the power of calorimetry? This name comes from the science of the studies of colors and their influence on us.

As I told you in the first post, I have been an image consultant for many years and I have seen people become totally transformed thanks to the correct application of colorimetry.

5 colors, 5 personalities Circle Necklace, much more than just a necklace

You have 5 colors of the Maria Pascual Circle Necklace to choose from blue, green, purple, red and pink.

Blue circle necklace

This Maria Pascual Circle Necklace symbolizes harmony, friendship, trust and honesty. It is cheerful color and denotes sympathy. The ephemeral and eternal things are the quintessential color.

Normally, people with the personality of this color are enthusiastic, communicative and rational as well as idealistic. They get involved and care about everything they do and give a lot of importance to personal relationships.

If you are attracted to this color you should know that you are an honest and loyal person.

Green circle necklace

This Maria Pascual Circle Necklace symbolizes the earth, it is the color of nature, health, fertility and hope.

Normally, people with the personality of this color are balanced and calm, although restless and full of vitality. They are people who usually look for questions and answers.

If you are attracted to this color you should know that you are a kind and positive person.

Purple circle necklace

This Maria Pascual Circle Necklace symbolizes extravagance, power, imagination and spirituality. It is also the color of feminism and sexual diversity.

Normally, people with the personality of this color are nonconformists, dreamers and have a great capacity to overcome.

If you are attracted to this color you should know that you are a creative and deep person.

Red circle necklaceCircle Necklace, much more than just a necklace

This Maria Pascual Circle Necklace in general symbolizes passion. It is a strong color that relates to outgoing and very impulsive people.

If you are attracted to this color you should know that you are a passionate and daring person.

Pink circle necklace

This Maria Pascual Circle Necklace symbolizes femininity, sensitivity and innocence. Normally, people with the personality of this color are optimistic, generous and kind.

If you are attracted to this color you should know that you are a caring and generous person.

How to choose the color of my Circle Necklace?

It is one of the most frequent doubts. Do I choose color or does it choose me?

Some tips on choosing the right color for you:

You can choose the color that you like the most, with which you identify most with and it is likely that when you read the colors’ symbology, it will fit perfectly with you.

If you prefer, you can choose the other way around, knowing what each color transmits, you can choose the one that best suits you. 

The best way to wear the Maria Pascual Circle Necklace? Combine them!

How to choose the color of my Circle Necklace?

Their design is so thin and small that they are perfect to combine with any other necklace or chain. The Circle Necklace will be like your personality charm.

You can get them for yourself or as a gift because we already have them on the web

Before saying goodbye, I wanted to let you know  that from now on, the free shipping that started at €150 now has become €80.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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How to choose the size of your ring

How to Determine Ring Size | Chart & Measure Guide

If you don’t get the right fit, we will change it for you at no cost.

Happy Thursday, I am delighted to share this news with you and have been looking forward to it. Mainly because I believe that the theme of ring sizes is important because it’s hard to return when it is a gift. How to choose the size of your ring

Well, you should know that with Maria Pascual it is not a problem, if you give a Maria Pascual ring and you do not get the right size, we will change it for you completely free of charge

Too good to be true, right?

I’m going to tell you in parts …

The perfect ring

It’s true that when we talk about the size of jewelry in general, we see that it is something very particular and personal. There are those who like the bracelets tightly held to the wrist while there are others who prefer it to be baggy and dangle softly.

The same thing happens with the rings. Maybe you like it to be looser or on the contrary, well attached to the finger. There are some general guidelines that more or less fit and make the choice of ring size not so difficult.

In Maria Pascual you can find rings from size 4 to size 16 (sizes: 4,5,6,7,12,14 and 16). The most common sizes are 12,14, and 16. They mostly correspond to the ring, index and ring fingers respectively but it’s totally normal that you may have one of these sizes on any other finger. 

How do you measure the ring?Ring Size Guide

It is a very common doubt not to know what size to pick. If you click on your favorite Maria Pascual ring and you have to choose the size, you may not know what size you are. On the web, you will find a super practical and simple table to know the size of your ring, attached here

You can also see this guide


Just take a ring that you have and then measure it, but how? Thanks to measuring tape, measure the millimeters of diameter inside the ring, from side to side. Do not measure your finger as it may give you an error.

Perfect rings for the little finger

Another of the most common doubts. Obviously, you can put any small size ring on your pinky, but it is true that there are rings that are designed for the little finger and those are ideal.

Some of them are: Seal Ring Black, Midi Eye Ring, Tiara Ring

You can find them in sizes 4,5,6 and 7.

Give rings without fear, we take care of the size  Maria Pascual Blog Anillos Foto 2

As I told you at the beginning, if you buy a ring and get the wrong size, there is no problem, Maria Pascual changes your size without any additional cost.

You have a period of 14 days from receipt of the order to let us know through the following email:

Besides being free it is super simple and fast. Through a shipment, you will receive the new ring with the correct size within 24/48 hours. In that shipment you must deliver back the wrong size ring. *

As you can see, buying and giving Maria Pascual rings is simple

I say goodbye another week and as always: Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

* At the moment, only available on the Peninsula

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Special Private Sale Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual Portada Blog Venta Especial

A 2020 full of news and surprises

Happy New Year, how have these days of celebrations been? The entire Maria Pascual team wishes you a wonderful holiday season

We are here with you one more Thursday to share great news with you. From January 14 to 18, an event will take place for the first time at the Maria Pascual showroom in Barcelona.

You can attend an exclusive sale in our showroom on Neptú Street, 32 bis in Barcelona, ​​from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Take this opportunity to give yourself a gift or to give a gift. You do not need a ticket to attend. I’m going to tell you more …

What will you find?

Special Private Sale Maria PascualWe have prepared this sale with much love and affection. As you know, we make all our jewelry by hand and like all crafts some of them, despite being in almost perfect condition, do not meet the quality standards of Maria Pascual. It can be a little imperfection for example. On many occasions it is almost imperceptible but obviously, it is enough that we cannot offer it at its normal price.

We wanted to have a special week with all of you because we never make discounts. All week we will have these pieces with incredible prices.

It is important that you keep in mind that you will find practically all the pieces that we have on the web. It is not a selection of past collections, but quite the opposite. There will be some pieces that are no longer there and pieces of the new collections.

The incredible prices you will find will be:

√ Pendants 1 unit € 10 and 2 units € 15.

√ Bracelets € 15.

√ Rings € 15.

√ Necklaces € 15.

√ Chains € 20.

In addition, there will be exclusive pieces such as necklaces designed and assembled by Maria Pascual but that are not for sale for only € 30. Samples and bracelets for € 5 and € 10 and Last Chance necklaces for € 20.

Unique opportunity to get these Maria Pascual best-sellers 

 In addition to being able to get many of the Maria Pascual jewelry pieces at a ridiculous price, you can also find some of the most successful Maria Pascual items.

Sky necklace; This design was born from a very personal experience with the aim of being a reminder of your loved ones and of loved ones who are no longer here. Although it is no longer part of the usual stock, you can find it in the private Maria Pascual sale. Its original price was € 45 and now you can have it for only € 15.

Four Round Ring; The best-selling ring. It is one of the Maria Pascual items that is sold out but you can get it for only € 15. It is fine, beautiful and elegant.Maria Pascual Blog Venta Especial Foto 1

Shiny Moon Necklace; This necklace belongs to the Dulceida and Maria Pascual collection. Although its original price is € 58 you can find it for only € 15.

If you have already downloaded the App you get a gift

A few days ago we introduced you to the new Maria Pascual application and we also want to thank you for downloading it. If you have it on your phone we will give you a clip * in the private sale. Download Maria Pascual here. 

We want to see you but keep in mind that there are limited units of jewelry.

I say goodbye another week and as always:

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

* While supplies last. It will be delivered in a black bag, not in the official Maria Pascual packaging.

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Maria Pascual 2019

Maria Pascual Jewels and Accessories

Saying goodbye to 2019 and embracing 2020

Another year comes and goes, and with it are happy and sad moments, some that fly by and others where time stands still. 

Every year is full of thousands of things, some good and others not so good but without a doubt for Maria Pascual 2019 has been a special year in all aspects. 

Maria Pascual 2019 Maria Pascual Jewels and Accessories Special is neither good nor bad, it is special, thus memorable. 

The year began badly, but like everything in life, things gradually began improving. 

They say that nothing bad last forever, and eventually positive things will come your way. Sometimes in the moment we don’t know the positive things until we look at them from a different perspective. 

And little by little, 2019 was improving. No doubt an important part of this improvement was you. Each and every one of you pushed us to continue, to create, to grow, and because of that we left our comfort zone again to do what we do best: innovate.

It has been a year full of introspection that has led us to make many changes and improvements both personally and professionally. Some of them you will see here.

Great projects of 2019

It has been a year full of launches including the Dulceida  collection, the Maria Pascual watch, the Travel case, the Maria Pascual app, and weekly news. We are very happy and satisfied with all the work this year and of course the new outlets. ☺ 

2020 We are ready!

This 2020 will be the result of everything lived and learned in 2019. If you know our style, you can already imagine all the thousand ideas we got in store for 2020. 

There are things that require a lot of work and logistics and we will be implementing them little by little.

The objectives are:

√ Recycle. Maria Pascual Jewels and Accessories

 2019 has brought us a great connection with the essence of who we are and without a doubt that process connects us with the earth. We cannot look the other way without contributing our grain of sand. Soon I will tell you more about the internal changes that Maria Pascual is making.

√ Expand and cross the puddle.

There are many  from far away who ask us for our collection to be sold.  I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that if you have a nice store and are interested in being a point of sale, write us.

√ Many new products 

Another of the decisions we made in 2019 was to create pieces according to inspiration not following trends and temporary collections. Among the following, we will soon introduce you to the solidarity bracelets.

√ Outlet.

I look forward to telling you more about this. I hope I can do it very soon

We hope and wish you had a 2019 full of magical moments and that the less magical have helped you get and see other wonderful things.

I say goodbye another week and as always:

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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We launch the Maria Pascual Mobile APP

we launch the Maria Pascual Mobile APP

Getting closer to you

Happy Thursday full of news :) The first and most special one is that we launch a mobile APP! We have been working on it for a few months and finally we can introduce it to you. Designed it with the aim of being closer to you. We all know that the most comfortable is to be able to operate from your phone and through the Maria Pascual APP you can make your orders quickly and easily.

It is a visual and intuitive application. Thanks to it, we can stay updated quickly and directly, and you can also receive a push notifications.

Run to download it, you’ll find it as “Maria Pascual” on your App Store.  If you like it, don’t forget to leave your opinion and rating :)

But wait, there’s more! on the occasion of the release you will get a 10% discount with any purchase you make from the app. You can enjoy this discount from December 17 to 20.

Do you already have your Christmas presents?Maria Pascual Blog App Foto 1

You already know that when you make a gift, the wrapping is also vital. If you have already made your purchases this month, you will have seen that since last December 9 your order has arrived with a gift cardboard bag.

All online orders will receive your gift bag so take advantage of your Christmas shopping, you are still on time. You will receive it until January 3, without minimum purchase.

New Maria Pascual necklaces

Maria Pascual Blog App Foto 3Before saying goodbye I present the new unique, original, versatile and current design by Maria Pascual.

The serpentine necklaces are light and long necklaces perfect to wear together, alone combined with other pieces. Its appearance resembles a flexible rope and you have them in 4 beautiful colors. You can see them here.

So far, the news today. By the way. I don’t want to say goodbye without reminding you of the deadlines you have to place your orders on time. You know, so they arrive in time for Christmas and Kings. For Christmas, you have to do it now, if you have doubts about whether it will arrive on time, ask us. For Reyes, you have until day 30.

I say goodbye another week and as always, thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)