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New release: The solidarity bracelet against cancer.

A company socially committed, 

We, Maria Pascual team, are working from home and in the warehouse, we follow a very strict protocol so you can keep buying your favorite jewelry online.

Do you remember the solidarity project we told you about a few weeks ago? It started with the bracelet against gender violence and now we want to join another significant cause: Cancer.

How we take part

We are pleased to announce that  #MPFight Cancer, the solidarity bracelet against cancer, is now on sale. So, you can now get this beautiful mustard yellow thread bracelet.

When we started to define the causes we wanted to collaborate with, we were clear that we wanted this to be one of the causes with which we could show our solidarity. New release: The solidarity bracelet against cancer.

Unfortunately,  Cancer has a major impact on society. In one way or another it has “touched” many families, if not almost all. Practically everyone has a family member or friend who has gone through or is going through it.

Thanks to the contribution, with the entire collection obtained from this bracelet we will be able to participate and help in the well-being of all those who are facing this disease and for their families to feel supported and backed up. 

What association have we chosen to donate?

What association have we chosen to donate?As had been anticipated, we have chosen with great care and affection the associations with which we collaborate. As you know, the entire collection goes to the chosen associations, and we have always sought total transparency so that the money really reaches the people who need it. You can rest assured that your money will be in the right hands.  

The Association to which all the benefits will go is the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

The funds will go to the programs of attention to the patients and their relatives, so that they have a better quality of life during the processes of hospitalization and while they receive treatment

It’s time to show solidarity. bracelet against gender violence

How you take part

I guess there is no specific time to be, we should always try to help by doing what we can. But now, more than ever, we must come together. This situation that we are all living, has united us and given us solidarity. Maybe you have thought about how you can help, but you are not excellent at sewing masks. Take advantage and help people who suffer from cancer to prevent them from getting sick. As you know, these people, due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy have very low defenses becoming very vulnerable people.

Don’t wait any longer, get your own, It’s easy to get involved.

Let’s fight! Together!

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Special Private Sale Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual Portada Blog Venta Especial

A 2020 full of news and surprises

Happy New Year, how have these days of celebrations been? The entire Maria Pascual team wishes you a wonderful holiday season

We are here with you one more Thursday to share great news with you. From January 14 to 18, an event will take place for the first time at the Maria Pascual showroom in Barcelona.

You can attend an exclusive sale in our showroom on Neptú Street, 32 bis in Barcelona, ​​from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm

Take this opportunity to give yourself a gift or to give a gift. You do not need a ticket to attend. I’m going to tell you more …

What will you find?

Special Private Sale Maria PascualWe have prepared this sale with much love and affection. As you know, we make all our jewelry by hand and like all crafts some of them, despite being in almost perfect condition, do not meet the quality standards of Maria Pascual. It can be a little imperfection for example. On many occasions it is almost imperceptible but obviously, it is enough that we cannot offer it at its normal price.

We wanted to have a special week with all of you because we never make discounts. All week we will have these pieces with incredible prices.

It is important that you keep in mind that you will find practically all the pieces that we have on the web. It is not a selection of past collections, but quite the opposite. There will be some pieces that are no longer there and pieces of the new collections.

The incredible prices you will find will be:

√ Pendants 1 unit € 10 and 2 units € 15.

√ Bracelets € 15.

√ Rings € 15.

√ Necklaces € 15.

√ Chains € 20.

In addition, there will be exclusive pieces such as necklaces designed and assembled by Maria Pascual but that are not for sale for only € 30. Samples and bracelets for € 5 and € 10 and Last Chance necklaces for € 20.

Unique opportunity to get these Maria Pascual best-sellers 

 In addition to being able to get many of the Maria Pascual jewelry pieces at a ridiculous price, you can also find some of the most successful Maria Pascual items.

Sky necklace; This design was born from a very personal experience with the aim of being a reminder of your loved ones and of loved ones who are no longer here. Although it is no longer part of the usual stock, you can find it in the private Maria Pascual sale. Its original price was € 45 and now you can have it for only € 15.

Four Round Ring; The best-selling ring. It is one of the Maria Pascual items that is sold out but you can get it for only € 15. It is fine, beautiful and elegant.Maria Pascual Blog Venta Especial Foto 1

Shiny Moon Necklace; This necklace belongs to the Dulceida and Maria Pascual collection. Although its original price is € 58 you can find it for only € 15.

If you have already downloaded the App you get a gift

A few days ago we introduced you to the new Maria Pascual application and we also want to thank you for downloading it. If you have it on your phone we will give you a clip * in the private sale. Download Maria Pascual here. 

We want to see you but keep in mind that there are limited units of jewelry.

I say goodbye another week and as always:

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

* While supplies last. It will be delivered in a black bag, not in the official Maria Pascual packaging.

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We launch the Maria Pascual Mobile APP

we launch the Maria Pascual Mobile APP

Getting closer to you

Happy Thursday full of news :) The first and most special one is that we launch a mobile APP! We have been working on it for a few months and finally we can introduce it to you. Designed it with the aim of being closer to you. We all know that the most comfortable is to be able to operate from your phone and through the Maria Pascual APP you can make your orders quickly and easily.

It is a visual and intuitive application. Thanks to it, we can stay updated quickly and directly, and you can also receive a push notifications.

Run to download it, you’ll find it as “Maria Pascual” on your App Store.  If you like it, don’t forget to leave your opinion and rating :)

But wait, there’s more! on the occasion of the release you will get a 10% discount with any purchase you make from the app. You can enjoy this discount from December 17 to 20.

Do you already have your Christmas presents?Maria Pascual Blog App Foto 1

You already know that when you make a gift, the wrapping is also vital. If you have already made your purchases this month, you will have seen that since last December 9 your order has arrived with a gift cardboard bag.

All online orders will receive your gift bag so take advantage of your Christmas shopping, you are still on time. You will receive it until January 3, without minimum purchase.

New Maria Pascual necklaces

Maria Pascual Blog App Foto 3Before saying goodbye I present the new unique, original, versatile and current design by Maria Pascual.

The serpentine necklaces are light and long necklaces perfect to wear together, alone combined with other pieces. Its appearance resembles a flexible rope and you have them in 4 beautiful colors. You can see them here.

So far, the news today. By the way. I don’t want to say goodbye without reminding you of the deadlines you have to place your orders on time. You know, so they arrive in time for Christmas and Kings. For Christmas, you have to do it now, if you have doubts about whether it will arrive on time, ask us. For Reyes, you have until day 30.

I say goodbye another week and as always, thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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Moonphase Watch: The new watch by Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual Portada Blog Moonphase Watch

Designed by Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa

Happy Thursday, after 8 months of many ideas, inspiration, and work, Maria Pascual’s new watch the Moonphase is now for sale. 

It is an indescribable feeling that a project that started with many ideas written on notebooks, spoken on audios, and speaking with supplies among many other things, has finally materialized itself.  

We want to present to you the beautiful watch that Maria Pascual has created in a manner that it deserves. 

This item is so versatile that it is perfect for men and for women. In addition to being so versatile, it is unique because the phases of the moon are reflected in it. Keep reading and I will tell you more ☺ Moonphase Watch by Maria Pascual

An unprecedented clock

This item does not look like anything you’ve ever know or seen. 

The goal here was to create a unique watch, fine but resistant, unique but perfect for every day, and above all; that captured the essence of Maria Pascual. 

The basis of the inspiration for the creation of the Moonphase Watch was born from the fusion of ideas by Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa.

Maria Pascual had in her head many memories of her father’s watch; an exceptional watch that helped define and inspire what she wanted to capture and create with this watch.

On the other hand, designer Axier Espinosa wanted this watch to bear the seal of the Mediterranean. Barcelona provided inspiration to create this marvelous watch. 

Axier Espinosa also kept in mind the high-end classic watches he has seen in the past, but also wanted to make sure that his ideas and design did not pay tribute to any well-known brand watches, or to create anything similar to them. 

Maria Pascual Moonphase Watch details

Moonphase Watch by Maria Pascual

The watch represents 100% of Maria Pascual. Special attention has been paid to each detail, small and large.

The Moonphase Watch combines gold and stainless steel, something that Maria Pascual was clear about having in the design. However, it was a slightly risky decision since combing both those materials has never really worked. 

The hour numbers are represented with a beautiful zirconia, 12 in total. The strap is black, no doubt the color of elegance. It also has a beautiful braid. It is very light, versatile, flexible and waterproof. The perlón comes from Germany and the preparation is made in Barcelona where the buckle is sewn manually. This material dries quickly and offers incredible comfort. It is very resistant but light.

Both Maria Pascual and Axier Espinosa  wanted the strap to be comfortable and easily adapt to each wrist and created with the best quality. The buckle is gold-plated and it features the signature of Maria Pascual.

The Bisel is a diamond crown that resembles a saddle ring. 

Thanks to the innovative addiction of the blue luminaire clock hands, you can see the time even when it is dark. 

The Moonphase Watch is a waterproof and submersible watch; You can do all your daily routines with it on.

The crystal is mineral and is not scratched or cracked.

As you can see, it is a very resistant watch designed mindfully to be worn throughout the day.

The moon phases Maria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 3

If there is something that represents Maria Pascual well, it is undoubtedly the moon and its phases therefor it could not miss its presence on the clock.

The energy of the moon and its phases directly affect who we are and how we act. All living beings are connected with this lunar energy. Energy to empower, to calm, to guide and to help us achieve our purposes.

The moon and its phases have a presence on Maria Pascual’s watch. Also, what better connection than linking the moon to the watch and that helps us manage time.

The moon appears at the bottom of the Moonphase Watch; It changes with the hours and days which indicates the full, waning, growing and new moon.

For him and for herMaria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 4

Another aspect that makes us proud of the watch is that it is unisex and can be worn by men and women. Something we were not sure was achievable, was achieved. It is thin, elegant, versatile, stylish to be worn on male and female wrists. 

Discreet and elegant, it defines you as a person.

Some unique features of the Moonphase Watch

There are many details that make this watch unique, different, and special. Some of them are:

√ Rugged watch. Gold and steel plated case.

√ Diamond crown.

√ The diamond as a bevel.

√ Fixed bezel with polished gold finish.

√ Sphere with moon phase window at 6 o’clock.

√ Pearly white dial.

√ 12 zircons.

√ Pencil type needles of blue luminaire. Visible in the dark.

√ Its caliber is a Miyota quartz with a moon phase from Japan. Known for its accuracy and reliability.

√ Strap in black blight of nylon with an interlocking design like Perlón. 

√ Buckle sewn manually and gold-plated.

√ Mineral crystal, does not break.

Limited unitsMaria Pascual Blog Moonphase Watch Foto 5

There are a limited number of these watches. For us, it is essential to know your opinion. We are very proud and happy with the result and hope you like it as much as we do. In that case, we will bring to you even more news in the future.

The first prototype carries a mint gum.

After so many hours of working together, we wanted to know an anecdote about the creation of the clock. Axier Espinosa, tells me that the first prototype had no caliber inside, so the hands of the hours and minutes began turning like crazy. I took a photograph of the prototype with the needles in the position of 10 and 10 but the hands just kept moving around. I disassembled it and pasted the gum inside the caliber to block them. Now we can say that the first prototype of the Moonphase has a mint bubble gum inside.

If you want to have your Moonphase Watch already click here.

We hope you love it like we do. I say goodbye another week and as always: Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday 

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The new jewelry holder by Maria Pascual and Hannun

Maria Pascual_Blog_Joyero_Hannun_Portada

An exceptional collaboration

Happy Thursday! I wanted to stop by to tell you some great news. Just two days ago a project that has been created over the past few months with lots of love has been born. 

If you already own a piece of Maha by Maria Pascual and Hannun, then you might already know what I am about to say, but I’ll tell you anyway. 

You already know how we like to collaborate with brands and talented people who have an essence, and with whom we know we will connect with and that the result of the project will be beautiful. 

Maha, a limited edition

The first minute with Hannun sparks were flying, we could see his delicate and careful style with such quality. I think it is one of the reasons we have made an excellent team. We both work manually, and we are as concerned about raw materials and the quality of the pieces.

In Maria Pascual, we always look for top quality materials for your jewelry. Hannun works manually with the best woods creating impeccable finishes. You can see it here and of course it is in the shop.

If you’re looking forward to it, don’t wait another minute. Like all things made with love, things take time especially since they are crafted manually. That’s why this is a limited edition and will not be back when they are sold out.

A jewelry holder with great detailMaria_Pascual_Blog_Joyero_Hannun

Maha by Maria Pascual and Hannun is aesthetic, practical, and designed so that you can place it in any corner of the house.

It is made with aged white spruce wood and the details are metallic gold. It has a mirror so that in addition to storing your jewelry, you can enjoy putting them on and choosing them in front of the mirror.

In the store you can find the specific description of the jewelry holder as well as the measurements. The holder can store your earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in an aesthetic and orderly manner.

2×1; Decorate your home with your Maha jewelry holder

Thanks to natural wood, the holder has a neutral style and is easy to combine with any decoration style. It is ideal in the bedroom or even in the living room or study. If you want to make it multifunctional as a shelf you put a candle in a decorative way near it.

It is beautiful, and we look forward to seeing it in your home. Please tag us on social media once you’ve  placed it in its special spot! 

Every order gets a special gift of white clover seed paper so that it grows in your home and brings you lots of luck. 

Enjoy your Maria Pascual & Hannun  jewelry holder.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday!

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Do you want to know what’s new at Maria Pascual?

what's new at Maria Pascual jewelry shop online

New precious pieces are incorporated into the family.

Happy Thursday! I have so many things to tell you and I don’t know where to start.

Thank you for the super awesome and unique day we had on Black Friday. I only wish that when you receive your Maria Pascual jewelry package, a piece of love and affection will come to you

Well, now let’s get to the exciting news. We have new jewelry! The head designer Maria Pascual does not stop. I have an article in hand in which I want to tell you firsthand how Maria Pascual is inspired to create her collections, but today I want to talk to you about these incredible designs that you can already acquire from our website.

Pearl Earrings, pearls and gold

Surely by just reading the name you already feel elegance and sophistication. The combination of gold with pearls results in earrings full of style and femininity. But beware, they have nothing typical and traditional. Maria Pascual has chosen a fine interwoven gold chain that holds the pearl. It is a super current pendant earring that matches any look.Baroque Earrings, geometric shapes, gold and zircons. 

These pendant earrings are designed with gold and zircons. No doubt they have a style and personality that makes them unique. Use them for your day to day or for a special event.

Horus necklace

what's new at Maria Pascual

This necklace full of symbolism reflects the prosperity, health, and ability of the human being to be reborn. It is a perfect amulet to always carry with you even combined with other necklaces.

I find it ideal to give as a special gift. This release makes us especially excited because it is a reissue. It is one of the first designs that Maria Pascual had and after many of our clients asking for it, here you have it again for you. If you want to combine it with pieces of the same style, check out our Egyptian collection. You’ll love it.Pearl Earrings, pearls and gold Maria pascual

Combine them and surprise yourself

If there is something that Maria Pascual is clear about when designing new pieces, it’s that she wants them to be versatile, to make them yours, and that you feel comfortable with them. Do the test; Most of the designs, especially those that I present today are ideal with jeans and a turtleneck, right ? Now wear a party dress for new years and see how amazing the items fit. What do you think? Perfect too!

All Maria Pascual jewels (except specific collections) are perfect for all types of situations and events. 

Special Horoscopes 2018horoscope jewelry shop

One of the collections you have asked us for a lot is the Horoscopes collection. Maria Pascual launched it in 2018 and it was widely loved.

Horoscopes mean much more than a month you were born in, it supports your character, your energy, and is the best amulet you can have. 

I have good news, you can see all the rings and necklaces in the horoscope category here. The ring has a fine and strong seal-shaped design and the necklace has a medal format.

The not-so-good news is that when they are sold out, they will not be made again, so take advantage of it and get your Maria Pascual Horoscope collection piece today.

That’s all for the news today! 

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday.