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Happy Sant Jordi

Happy Sant Jordi’s Day, or as we say in Catalonia “Feliç diada”. It is a beautiful day for everything it symbolizes. I’m sure you know this beautiful holiday, but I’m going to tell you why it’s so special. 

How and what is celebrated in Sant Jordi?  

First, Sant Jordi (George in Spanish) falls in April, a hot month when we can welcome spring as it deserves.

The tradition is to give a rose or a book to the people you love. Years ago the tradition was a little more classic. Men gave a red rose to women and women gave a book to men.

Sant Jordi in Barcelona

But it doesn’t end here, on Sant Jordi’s day, we try to escape, not even at lunchtime, to the emblematic streets of Rambla de Catalunya and the Ramblas. It is part of the tradition, not only to buy the rose and the book, but what if it is possible, to do it there.

Both streets look splendid with book and rose stands. It is a very nice feeling, the love for culture and the smell of nature are united with so many fresh roses.

The origin of the Sant Jordi celebration

Sant Jordi, was a Roman soldier considered a martyr, in his honor, the Barcelona flag has two crosses. 

Moreover, the legend tells a beautiful love story. Sant Jordi was a knight who saved a princess from being devoured by a dragon. When he stuck his sword into it, roses sprang from its blood.

Today, April 23rd, also coincides with the day of the book, commemorating the anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

It used to be like the Catalan Valentine’s Day, but over the years it has become a beautiful day, perfect to give roses and books to anyone you love. Family, couple, friends… Even department stores and some establishments give roses to their customers.

It is estimated that about 6 million roses are sold and 1.5 million books are sold.

In despite of the situation, let’s celebrate Saint George’s Day! 

We know that this year the situation does not allow us to follow traditions to the letter, but we can celebrate the day. Do you know how?

To give a beautiful rose you have it effortless. Click here and get Blossom Necklace. A fine chain with a gold-plated pendant rose. Or with Rose Necklace a chain with a gold-plated medal representing a rose. 

Either of these two Maria Pascual jewels will be a sure hit. Place your order and surprise someone special, for example, your mother.

As for the books, you have a couple of options. You can give them as a gift through Amazon, which delivers them, or buy them in digital format. Although this option is not the same as having the book in printed format, but it allows you to make a good gift.

Also, you should not miss this year’s celebration, as there is talk of moving it to July 23rd

Our top 10 recommended books for Sant Jordi. 

Well, you know how it is with books and movies, it’s very personal. It depends on the literary genre you like. 

I’m going to share with you here some bestsellers to give you some ideas or inspiration. I have made a small selection of different literary genres.

“The Awakening of the Muses” Beatriz Luengo

The Forest Notebook” Dulcinea

“Nice to meet me” Borja Vilaseca


Becoming “Michelle Obama”

“Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”

Literary classics like “Agatha Christie” or “Stephen King”

Some Thrillers like Ken Follet’s Eye of the Needle.

Without further ado, I wish you a happy Sant Jordi ☺


Photos Credits
Sara Escudero @collagevintage
Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian
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It’s our birthday!

Maria Pascual blows out candles on April 19th

Happy day, how are you? Around here quite adapted to the current situation, we comment again that our online store is still open. 

We are pleased and want to take this opportunity to thank you, as you are part of this happiness. Both the solidarity bracelets and the contributions to do our bit in the fight against Covid-19, have been very well-received. THANK YOU to all the collaborators!

Maria Pascual’s birthday in style

As you saw in the title, it’s our birthday. And it’s none other than super boss Maria Pascual‘s birthday.

If you’ve been following us for a while, I’m sure you’ll know to celebrate it in style.

It is true that the situation this year is quite different, and although this does not make it easy for us we will not stay without celebrating with you.

By the way, if it’s your birthday these days, celebrate it! Make your favorite breakfast, take the day off and treat yourself. Remember that the online store is still open.

We have a special gift for you. 

How can we not enjoy a party in our Showroom, for now? Between the 17th and 19th of April you can get all the jewelry you want from Maria Pascual with a 25% discount*

In addition, with the first thousand purchases we will give away a pop socket for your mobile phone. You can choose from 3 colors.

So, that the discount is applied to your purchase. Don’t forget, add the happy25 coupon to your shopping cart.

We will celebrate it again...

As I mentioned before, you can get any Maria Pascual jewel (except the Last Chance category) but you might miss a piece. With everything that’s going on, we’re missing some jewels that won’t be available. But don’t worry, when all this happens, we’ll repeat. You deserve a big celebration, and we’ll give it to you when the situation allows us.

A special gift for you, for your family and friends.  

Take advantage of the discount and treat yourself to a piece of jewelry.  You can also surprise someone. Imagine they ring the doorbell and someone brings you a mysterious package? Mysterious because you didn’t ask for it… You open it and it’s a box with a Maria Pascual jewel.

Take advantage and since we can’t shake, hug, kiss and touch our loved ones, surprise someone with a detail like this. I’m sure you won’t forget.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

*Except Last Chance (category with fixed discount)

*Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers.

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The secret to happiness is helping others. Join the crowdfunding!

Happy Thursday; I wish you all well in despite the confinement and the situation :)

If there is one good thing this virus is bringing, it is solidarity. We are all working as a team to get it stopped. From the hashtag #StayAtHome to a bunch of supportive hands sewing masks to rush through.

Here, the Maria Pascual team has always believed in solidarity, commitment and teamwork. When you help, you not only benefit the person or group you are helping, you help yourself. Because when we give, we feel full, satisfied and committed.

And although today I came to talk to you about the following solidarity bracelet I think this has a lot to do because it keeps the same spirit #MPFights

Who else has tried and is trying to do their bit. Today we want to tell you how we have contributed from Maria Pascual and how we want to use our platform to continue helping. Here are our two solidarity actions. I’ll tell you ;)

Maria Pascual donated medical material 

Carla and Maria Pascual have family members working in different hospitals, so they quickly became aware of the lack and need for medical supplies.

They talked to one of their suppliers in China and this one, in a totally supportive and altruistic way, sent them more than 500 units of health protection material. Masks and gloves.

Just a week ago we donated medical material to the hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, and we are doing our best to get more.

Join the Crowdfunding

The other solidarity action with which we are collaborating is a crowdfunding with the foundation Ajudantajudar.

Through a friend who works at the hospital where the masks were delivered, Maria Pascual discovered that some restaurants had begun to send and deliver healthy menus to the health centers for the health workers.

When Maria Pascual found out about this great initiative, she decided to collaborate and make this solidarity campaign viral.

Thanks to this initiative we are raising money to get healthy menus for health professionals. You can make your contribution here.

I guess you’re wondering why we’d be doing that.

I’ll tell you; it goes without saying how important food is. It is always, but, above all: in situations of extreme tiredness, when your defenses are down, you are sleepy, you have worked an endless day of hours, even in some cases, to protect the family you don’t even return home when you finish.

The health workers who are treating the Covid-19 patients eat badly, quickly and badly when they have a moment and sometimes, depending on what time they can do it, the hospital cafeteria is already closed.

That is why this initiative aims to help to facilitate healthy menus for the health workers so that despite the great superhuman effort they are making, they are well-fed.

Thanks to these menus, they will have one less thing to think about, and they will feel better, with more energy.

Before I say goodbye I want to remind you how important every penny is. No matter what your possibilities are, if you can help, no matter how little or how much, you are welcome.

I am attaching here the direct link in case you would like to make a donation.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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Guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry


Happy Thursday. I’m sure you will agree with me that buying a new piece of jewelry generates an incredibly happy feeling. That moment when your package arrives at your home, you open it carefully and see a beautiful item within the box, what a feeling. Guide to organizing and caring for your jewelrySurely you want to keep them as long as possible in the best condition, right? Well, we are going to share a simple guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry. Thanks to this, they will always be perfect. Consequently, to keep them in good condition, the rituals that you will have to carry out, are two simple ones: clean them and keep them in a safe place.

Keeping your jewelry clean

Jewelry items have a tendency to get dirty. Keep in mind, they are in direct contact with the skin, sweat, pH, perfume, cosmetics, rubbing against clothes and pollution. Guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry

When jewelry is dirty, it can have a faux old and dull appearance and can even have small scratches. 

To have the new and shiny, you just have to do the following:

  • Take a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of neutral soap, then dip them and leave them for a while so that the dirt softens and comes off.
  •  If necessary, rub them gently thanks to a soft toothbrush.
  • Then dry them carefully with a cotton or string cloth to avoid scratches.
  • If the stud of the earrings is dirty, you can clean it with a little alcohol. Pay special attention that this does not touch the earring, only the pin.

Regarding the frequency of cleaning, it depends on your skin and how much you wear your jewelry. Either way, you can clean it every 15 days or once a month. Between washing, you can use a soft suede glasses to keep them clean and shiny. 

Organizing your jewelry  Guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry

In other words, having your jewelry organized is not only a matter of practicality and cleanliness but also keeps the items more protected and cared for.

To keep your jewelry tidy and protected:

  • Avoid exposing them to the sun and moisture. Obviously, when you wear them nothing happens. You can easily do your activities with your jewelry, but when you get home and take them off, protect them from sunlight. Also, avoid leaving them in areas where there are sudden temperature changes such as the bathroom or near the air conditioner or radiator.
  • Therefore, when you store them, if possible in a jewelry box, avoid friction between other items. Place them in the space provided for each one, thus avoiding possible scratches. Additionally, put special emphasis on chain bracelets and necklaces to prevent them from getting mixed up and tangled.

On YouTube, you can find many tutorials to make your jewelry box, but if you’re not that crafty, take advantage of the Velvet Pouch or get the Travel Case by Maria Pascual.

Tips to prevent jewelry from staining and spoiling 

Guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry

Finally, we are going to share some tips to protect your jewelry.

  • Prevent your jewelry from rubbing and coming into contact with aggressive products such as cosmetics and perfumes. Remember that after applying your beauty products, wait a few minutes before putting on your jewelry.
  • Don’t forget to take them off when you play sports because PH and sweat can damage them.
  • Also avoid using them in the sea or pool, especially the pool since chlorine can destroy them.

I hope this guide to organizing and caring for your jewelry has been helpful and above all, enjoy wearing your jewelry! That’s what they are for. If you think that in the morning you do not have time to stop to choose your item for the day, prepare your outfit the day before, just like clothes. This will make it easier and save you time in the morning. By the way, remember that you can review our Mix and Match guide.

If even after this guide, you have any specific questions about how to clean one of your Maria Pascual jewelryplease write us a message

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

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The best ideas to enjoy your quarantine


Happy Thursday

And yes, you can enjoy your quarantine. We are not going to deny what the situation is because we all know that these are very difficult days in which we must respect the quarantine. 

This situation is what it is, and unfortunately none of us can change the facts at hand, but what we can do is choosing how we experience this obligation. Between you and me, even though this time is disrupting our normal routines, isn’t it true that all of us at one point or another has dreamt of staying home for a few days? Well, now we have the opportunity to make the most out of this quarantine. Take notes :) The best ideas to enjoy your quarantine

Get organized and organize your days.

The first couple of days are probably a similar feeling we have on the weekends. Meaning you’re in pajamas,  eating popcorn, watching series, but after these days, having a little organization will help you not feel that the days are so long and will make you feel more productive.

We have a great opportunity to distribute our time and manage it however we want. Let’s not waste it. Start by defining time slots for your cleaning, your breakfast, and meals, for work, leisure, study or learning time,  and of course for resting. 

It is the perfect time to…. The best ideas to enjoy your quarantine clairerose intagram

Finish or continue what you have half done, be it a book, a course, an online workshop. If you have nothing pending, it is a good time for you to choose some interesting online training or self-improvement courses. These courses can be related to your profession to help you improve your business or work or it can be for yourself such as an online painting course, photography course, cooking classes, it can be whatever you want.

Family time and time for you.

Maybe in your house you are alone or maybe you live with your parents, with your partner, with friends or family, take advantage to enjoy these days with them. Sometimes we live rushing and leave personal relationships aside, so take this time to have some quality time together and to enjoy it yourself.

A little cleaning

Don’t forget to take advantage to do more thorough house cleaning. You can start by organizing the cabinets and dressers, even deep cleaning those drawers that accumulate papers, notes and a thousand other things. Then sort them, and donate, sell, recycle, or throw away these items.

Leisure time The best ideas to enjoy your quarantine veronicaferraro instagram

Give yourself a little enjoyment during this time. Take the opportunity to make yourself a complete home spa that includes: a relaxing bath with salts and candles, scrubs, face creams, serums, and soaps. When you’ve finished the bath section of your personal relaxation, end it with a good manicure and pedicure. Finish that Netflix or HBO series that you like so much or re-watch your favorite movie for the millionth time. 

Take care,

Don’t forget to eat well and to take the opportunity to make homemade recipes and enjoy it to the max by eating the dishes slowly and with pleasure. It may be that after several days at home you notice that you are a little less hungry, choose nutritious recipes and increase your defenses such as buts, citrus, and vegetables.

Rest well

Virtually everyone has a busy life so take this opportunity to rest. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nap if you feel like it or simply rest on the sofa with a good book. Even if you don’t sleep, being stretched and relaxed will benefit your body and mind. It is also a good time for you to start a personal journal and if you still do not, try to meditate, you can do it online with guided meditations.

Online shopping

Although it may not seem like it, it is a perfect time to make your purchases online. You now have time to enjoy filling your cart without any rush and additionally, Maria Pascual makes it easier for you because, until new notice, the shipping is free. Take advantage and pamper yourself with some beautiful pieces, for the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

In addition, your morale will rise and you will feel stronger and with more energy. Even if you are at home, take care of your image because it really will make you feel better.

Do you know that in moments of crisis at a historical level, more red lipstick is being sold? Well, give yourself a Maria Pascual piece and enjoy it.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

Photos @veronicaferraro @wethestylepeople @clairerose

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Mix & Match; this spring mix-up your earrings

Maria Pascual Portada Blog Mix & Match

Happy Thursday, how’s your week going? We have been here with lots of work and are happy to see you at Maria Pascual showroom.

If you missed last week’s post, I’ll remind you that throughout the month of March, if you come to the showroom to buy jewelry, you will get a Maria Pascual bracelet as a gift. It is valued at more than €20. *

We are in Barcelona :) Do not miss this unique opportunity.

Combine, mix and alternate your earrings Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 1

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but spring and summer seem like two ideal seasons to look outstanding. It is an especially great time to be wearing earrings because they feel so good and match so perfectly with everything.

Maria Pascual has been creating individual earrings so that you can use and combine them as you wish. Have fun mixing, and remember that diversity brings authenticity.

The 3 newcomers 

Here I present to you these 3 individual gold-plated earrings for you to make your unique and special combinations. Remember that you can remove the pendant and just use the hoop by itself. This means you have two earring styles in one :) Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 3

Coin Earring; A small but sturdy hoop from which a coin hangs. It is a perfect earring for any look because you can get a sophisticated touch or an urban style while wearing it.

Twist Love Earring; From this gold-plated ring hangs a braided heart that holds the word LOVE. This piece is perfect for the days when you feel sweet and you feel like presenting your most feminine side.

Rocket Earring; This piece is fun for hipsters. This hoop holds a colorful rocket and has many styles. It is daring and combines very well with the previous two. This will become your real must-have! Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 2

Forget buying pairs of equal earrings, get several individual models and dare to create a design of your own.

Thank you! 

Before saying goodbye, we have to thank you for your involvement in the solidarity project.

The first solidarity bracelet against gender violence has had incredible results. More than 150 bracelets have already been sold and the benefits will go to the Ana Bella Foundation. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for each of your contributions.Maria Pascual Blog Mix & Match Foto 4

If you want to get yours and contribute you can add it to your cart here.

The next cause and its corresponding solidarity bracelet will be against cancer. This piece is a mustard-tone thread bracelet that you can buy starting April 7.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday :)

* purchases over (€50) € / while supplies last