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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 


Happy PRE-Valentine’s Day 

Are you ready to give yourself a special day? I already anticipated that around here we are not that big on Valentine’s Day, but we do believe it’s important to set aside some dates throughout the year to give yourself a little love. 

Every day is a perfect time to treat yourself a little, but since a holiday for love already exists, we will take advantage of it.

What is your perfect gift? It may be a piece of jewelry, some extra relaxing time for you, or even buying yourself a sugar loaded dessert that makes you smile. Only you know what your favorite small gifts may be, and today you should take advantage and treat yourself. 

A perfect Valentine’s Day

As you can see, each one of us has a different and unique idea of ​​what a “perfect plan” is, but we are going to give you some ideas so that you can turn your normal day into perfect one. 

Take care of yourself in the morning

If you are not the type who loves sleeping too much, try to get up a little earlier today. That will allow you to give yourself a few more minutes to take a warm shower and enjoy the moment. Don’t think of anything other than enjoying that little great pleasure. If you like creams, pamper yourself. Put on cream, oil, serum or makeup. Whatever makes you feel good? If you are more of the type that just loves to wash your face to get ready then that’s perfect too. Ah! Today use clean and dry towels that can also add a small pleasure.

Choose your look 

Considering that it is a “working day” for your job, university, or class, still choose you look well. Whether you have very comfortable jeans, or that wide sweater so old but stylish that you love, choose whatever you want as long as it makes you feel good. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 

Open your Maria Pascual jewelry box and choose what you really want to wear. The protocol is not essential, nor what plans you have going today. Take a look and take that piece that you like so much. Maybe it’s the Areta Ring or the bracelet Lilac Stones

Then have breakfast and pick whatever you want most; a bowl of oatmeal and fruit, a sandwich, an avocado or a pastry toast, you choose, just for you.

Other great pleasures

Give yourself time and give yourself the power to decide what you are going to do with it. What you really want. When you finish your work or study day, feel free to invest your time in whatever you want. Time vanishes so fast, leave some exclusively just for you.

Maybe …

√ Do a class that you’ve always wanted to try to never did like Pilates, yoga or kickboxing.

√ Give yourself something like a Maria Pascual jewelry piece, you know the one that makes your eyes light up when you see it but you never let yourself buy it because there are other things that you “need.” Do it, you will see the pleasure that it brings to your life. One of my favorites, is the Eternity Bracelet.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift 

√ Give yourself time and experiences, whether its walking on the beach, lighting a candle and sitting on the couch and catching up on a good book, writing, or watching a movie with a huge bowl of popcorn.

√ Distribute love. If something is true, it is that when we share love, it multiplies. If you feel like it, share some time with someone you love. With whomever you fancy. It can be a friend, a relative, your partner, your children, your dog, your cat…

Anyway you spend tomorrow, we sincerely wish you a wonderful day in exactly your way and not that of others. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Last Multi Cross units

Bye-bye Multi Cross…

Happy Thursday! If we were told in January 2017 that we were going to post this news today, we probably wouldn’t have believed it. At the beginning of 2017, Maria Pascual designed one of the most iconic jewelry pieces; the Multi Cross necklace.

Maria Pascual decided to create a special and different necklace in which the cross was the main element.

She was clear about what she wanted and that was to merge all her ideas to get the cross that would represent everything she wanted to convey. In that decision-making process in which she discarded ideas and designs, she stayed with three beautiful crosses. Without knowing what to opt for, she was clear, the Multi Cross necklace would be formed by 3 beautiful and different crosses.

The Multi Cross necklace is made up of 3 crosses of different sizes and designs. One of them has a zirconia embedded in it and you can choose the chain in gold or silver.

It was certainly a bit more than risky but Maria Pascual was clear about her vision and the item was launched. It was and has been a success since then. One of the pieces to which we have a special affection for. It has brought us joy, surprise, and also tears, I guess like all special things in life.

Making room for new items

To move forward, sometimes we have to let go even though it brings a little sadness along the way. For us, Multi Cross will always be a unique and special piece. A jewelry piece that marked the fate of Maria Pascual, turning the brand into a pioneer and visionary of trends.

I’m going to be frank, now you can find thousands of copies out there, but we can be more than proud that we were the brave creators who launched this risky necklace.

Yes, we know copies and replicas are something that is out there but because of our philosophy we have to fire Multi Cross. Maria Pascual is different from other brands because of the quality of materials, the design and passion placed into every item, and above all, Maria Pascual takes risks. We like getting ahead of trends, and we want to keep doing that for you, Multi Cross leaves, but we will surprise you with other unique and incredible items.

We did it, we launched something new and unique, but now our dear necklace is no longer the piece it was, and we want to remove it with the honor it deserves.

Do not miss out on your very own Multi Cross, the original

Don’t worry, if you don’t have it yet, you have time to get a hold of it. There are still some pieces left but remember that we will never replace them again. So take advantage and get the original Multi Cross necklace and give it to someone special.

Go get it here.

Some leave and others arrive

Behind each closed door is another open, and as I said we are working to surprise you again and again. At the moment I share with you some new Maria Pascual jewelry pieces. They are already available to purchase in the store.

Eternity Bracelet and Eternity Ring

A beautiful set perfect to complete your Christmas look.

Lion head ring
This ring has been one of the most demanded, and we finally have it for you.

Polar earrings
Fine pendant earrings ideal to wear daily or on the most special days.

I say goodbye another week and as always: Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday. ☺

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María Pascual Black days offers

María Pascual Black days offers

Black Friday discounts from December 29 to 2

Black Friday is here! We have prepared some great offers that will surprise you a lot. We have thought hard about the best way to thank you for all the trust you’ve given us and compensate you for it. You already know that we do not do promotions and discounts regularly, so it is crucial to us to be able to offer you some good discounts on these Black Days.

Keep reading because there are discounts, gifts and also … a 3×2! Yes, you have read it right, with the purchase of 2 María Pascual jewelry pieces you get one as a gift.

Come to the María Pascual showroom and get a 10% discount.

Are you in Barcelona? You may not know it, but we have a beautiful showroom in this amazing cosmopolitan city, located in the Gracia neighborhood.

Come see us at the showroom on November 29 and enjoy a 10% discount on all jewelry items. (except Last chance and Hannun).

You can come to buy your piece from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

We will also give out a María Pascual key chain for every purchase made (while supplies last).

María Pascual Black Days OffersMaría Pascual Black days offers

If you are not in Barcelona do not worry, we have more! In addition to the discount in the showroom and the gift of the key chain, you can also enjoy the Black Friday offers online.

From November 29 to December 2 you will have products with a discount of up to 35%. You can see them all HERE. I’m taking this opportunity to tell you that some items you find in this category are not going to be replaced again once they are sold out, so grab them before they are gone.

3×2 María Pascual jewelry

And that’s not all, if you buy 3 products in the BLACKFRIDAY category, you get one free. Yes, you read that right. Every two products you buy the 3rd we give to you free. 

In this category you will find some María Pascual classic and some iconic pieces. 

Japanese Coin Necklace

It is a beautiful necklace inspired by an ancient Japanese coin. It is gold-plated and combines perfectly with a fine chain. Get one here.

Small gold horn Earring

This earring designed with a horn-shaped pendant ring is a María Pascual classic. You can get one here.

The combination with a necklace is spectacular.

If you buy the set, in addition to the discount, you get another gift 

Horoscope ringshop jewelry online maria pascual

In the BLACK FRIDAY category you will also find the horoscope jewelry pieces, like this one.

Remember: for every two pieces of the Black Friday category you buy, you get one free.

Before saying goodbye I just wanted to remind you of the love, effort, and work behind each piece. María Pascual is not a large industrialized brand, each one of our pieces is made manually.

As you can see, we have strived to make your Black Friday in María Pascual incredible.

Have a wonderful Black Friday.

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday

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We are truly and deeply in love with her: Julie Sariñana (but maybe you know her with the name Sincerely Jules). Every outfit that she shows is insane and we can not be more proud to be with her day by day. Julie is one of the most favorites bloggers in the entire Earth and we adore her. Obviously, she wear three of the most famous jewels from Maria Pascual. Do you know which are them?


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Funny, beautiful, stylish and super kind. Maria Pombo is a spanish influencer that we adore her, that’s why we want to show you her style. With almost 700k of followers in her Instagram account, Maria breaks a lot of hearts (and souls) with her personal style. Simple but goodie, that’s how she rocks everyday.

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She is one of the most beautiful influencers in RSS right now and her 2 million followers on Instagram it’s a proof of it. We are talking about Aida Domenech, but maybe you know her better as Dulceida. She has a super cool style and her pictures around the world are going to make you dream. Today we choose her favorite ones from Maria Pascual, are yo ready to be inspired by…?

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