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Maria Pascual jewelry for men

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Style guideMaria Pascual jewelry for men

Happy Thursday, I spend another week here and this time it’s to dedicate a small space and tribute to our male clients. As few as they may be

There are many who daily find that the perfect complement to their outfit is a piece by Maria Pascual, to wear to school, to work, or for any special occasion. 

I want to point out that our pieces are very versatile and are all perfect for both men and women. Choosing a piece completely depends on your style.

But I have made a selection with the most popular items to give you some tips and combination tips. Maybe from these tips you will see an item that you love and you don’t have yet. Let’s get to it!

The perfect necklace

Undoubtedly, the Vendimia Necklace is a favorite. It is a perfect combination between femininity and masculinity since it is a fine but robust chain. It is perfect to wear alone or combine with other necklaces.

Other Maria Pascual necklaces that are very successful among men are: the necklaces of the Horoscope Signs, the Palm Tree necklace, and the Rose necklace.

Seal rings

If there is a ring style that men who choose Maria Pascual usually like, it’s the seal rings. Two of the most requested are the Delta ring and the Clover ring. Both have a strong but fine elegant design. They are ideal to be the main ring on the hand so you can combine them with other finer rings.

Maria Pascual jewelry for men

Remember, you can put these rings on any finger according to your preference, and each will project one style image or another.

Other successful Maria Pascual items among men are the Horoscope Sign rings and the Santa Teresa ring.

Men and thin bracelets

Bracelets are a jewelry detail that more and more men are using. They are also perfect as gifts. There are several favorites, but among them we highlight:

The Small Flat bangle is a fine and elegant but strong bracelet that denotes security. It is a totally flat bracelet and has a minimal and uniform design. 

This piece is great in any situation, for special moments and for your day to day. Although you can combine it with other bracelets it will not be necessary. Wear it as a single piece or combined with a ring and it will give you a very sophisticated touch.

The Chain bracelet is a fine link bracelet and is beautiful and elegant. Paired together with the Small Flat bangle, makes for the perfect gift.

Classic and risky earrings

Many of the earrings are worn by men and women, and we wanted to highlight the most favorite items. 

Cross earrings: This is one of the most iconic models by Maria Pascual. They are small hoops with a cross pendant. It is one of the most sold Maria Pascual earrings. 

Round earrings: The hoops are a classic for everyone. In the Maria Pascual shop, you will find them in all sizes.Maria Pascual jewelry for men

Snake earrings:  Undoubtedly one of the riskiest pieces to choose from. The earring is created with a snake silhouette. It is a choice with a lot of style and personality.

The Maria Pascual watch

And our watch is THE WATCH, well, in capital letters. It has been created, designed and made thinking of both men and women making it is ideal for any gender. Its exclusive and unprecedented design makes this watch a jewel. You can read more about it in this post

I hope you liked the selection I have outlined for you today and if any of the pieces is missing in your collection, go for it! Or if you prefer, buy it as a gift. Valentine’s Day is coming ……

I say goodbye another week and as always,

Thanks for being here, see you next Thursday ☺ 

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